Stones and Mysteries

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Tours for Individuals

One day excursion

This excursion will allow us to discover 3 of the most beautiful Walloon villages.

We first visit Crupet in the Province of Namur. Crupet holds the castle of Carondelet with a vast dungeon (early 12th-century) and, next to the St-Martin Romanesque church, a picturesque grotto dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua (1903). It is a holy place where pilgrims come to pray since its creation.

Our road continues trough the Condroz area. Big farms in square shape offer us a welcome distraction. We arrive in Vervoz where the buildings from the XIIth to the XIXth century are constructed from limestone: the “de Tornaco castel” and its outbuildings, old farms, a forge and a neo-gothic chapel (1867). In Vervoz the constructions nearly all were realized without any cement and the curved stones compose incredible puzzles on the buildings’ facades.

Chardenneux is the next village with its charming Romanesque church and a unique harmony emanating from its buildings dating back to the XIIIth and XIVth century.

We are just a valley away from Durbuy in the Luxembourg province, “the tiniest city in the world”. Durbuy is located on the beautiful Ourthe River.

We have a lunch and free time in Durbuy before getting to Weris:

Weris once was a vast megalithic centre for religious ceremonies, astronomical observations, fertilization of the crops, healing of people and manipulation of the Earth’s energies. Some say that Weris might well have been the most important megalithic centre in Europe.