Flanders Fields

Type of Tours: 
Memorial Tours

Excursion from Brussels or from Bruges

The First World War (1914-1918) had a profound impact on the history of Belgium as well as for the whole world: “the war of the ‘lost generation” involded from the each corner of the earth.

If 2 dates are shaping this terrible time of our common history isn’t the WW2 the next awful drama of the same story with the same protagonists and the same last words of conclusion: “never more”.

Now most of the EU institutions the best guardians of the European peace as well as the head quarter of NATO are all located in the middle of this country.

If we want to learn about our roots about the beginning of our actual European construction and our international relations it is surely useful to have a look in the Flanders fields.

In the middle of them stands Ieper located in what we call the Westhoek or the west corner of the country once flourishing part of North West Europe and once one the most devastated land that has ever been.  The whole area was almost entirely destroyed by four years of incredible violence.

From Bruges you would need a minimum of half day about 5 hours excursion and from Brussels we would suggest you to do it on a full day based on 9 hours.

You can discover with a local guide the city of Ieper with its Menin Gate or the Flanders filed Museum. With your private car you can also get to the Northern or the southern salient of the battle passing for example by Essex Farm Cemetery - The German war cemetery of Langemark - The Hill 66 – The Tyne Cot Military Cemetery and visitors centre the largest British war cemetery on mainland Europe the Hill 66. There are numerous possibilities to adapt and organize your visit according your nationality or specific interest to this incredible part of our history.

All services are only available upon request and upon availability.