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In the steps of the last Central European Battle.

Located in the Luxembourg province of Belgium Bastogne has always been a rural trading place at the borders of different countries. The place became famous getting caught in the middle of one the most terrible battle of the Second World War: The Battle of the Bulge. Liberated by the Allies in late 1944 the town was again attacked and surrounded by German forces shortly after. Hitler was looking for control of the Ardennes targeting as previously: Namur Brussels and the port of Antwerp to cut off supplies and separate British from American troops. On December 16th 1944, taking advantage of a terrible weather, the German artillery started by attacking the sparsely deployed American troops around Bastogne. A few days later the Brigadier General McAuliffe with the 101st Airborne Division was encircled in the town and answered to the German emissaries asked for the American surrender: “Nuts!”…

On December 26, troops under the command of General Patton broke the deadlock to give an end to the Battle of Bastogne three weeks later.

With a local guide you can discover the story of the Sherman Tank on the corner of the market square symbol of the city, the memorial the General McAuliffe just beside and the one of General Patton a little bit further.

You will be able also to reach the New Bastogne War Museum just next to the Mardasson Memorial honoring the memory of the 76,890 American soldiers killed, wounded or missing in the Battle of the Bulge.

Going in the direction of the village of Foy there is the Wood of peace where 4,000 trees were planted for the 50th anniversary of the Battle dedicated to all combatants civilians and militaries who died in that winter of 1944-45.

If the weather and the time allows it you can also get to the places where still remains some foxholes and figure out where were exactly fitting both armies. On that path very recently was erected a monument as a tribute to the men of the 506th Regiment (including the famous Easy "E" Company put forward in the "Band of Brothers" series") who spent a long and very cold month in the woods overlooking Foy in the defense line set up around Bastogne by the 101st Airborne in the winter of 1944/45. We are from there nearby the German cemetery and the GQ of General Mac Auliffe in the Bastogne Barrack…

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