You come from East or West - South of North, you are traveling with your friends or with school, for your company or to show European history to your son …. You have interest for beers or chocolates...


Get to Belgium is an Incoming Tour Operator and DMC – Destination ManagementCompany.

Located in Brussels next to the International Airport, the Nato headquarter and EU administration, we offer a broad range of services and custom solutions to travel, to visit and to discover Belgium for private and corporate groups.

Get to Belgium has been founded in 2008 focusing his expertise in Destination Management on the different Belgian regions: Brussels Flanders and Wallonia as well as Luxembourg South of Holland and North of France.

Our passion is to bring nearer to our visitors the cultural riches of this complicated yet fascinating country.
Through personalized quality services with all relevant providers at hand we are committed to make your stay and travel in Belgium not only a success but also an unforgettable experience.

Last In-ExPression

Cities are made by – from - for humans and it is amazing to realize the similarities comparing their characters: big or small – rich or poor – old or new – beautiful or ugly and dirty. As all of...

By coincidence a visit in the morning at Duvel and in the afternoon a public brewing session at Cantillon made us feel how different and great are these 2 stars of the Belgian Beer panorama. If...